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Our Clinic

Hearing Healthcare Ireland is one of Ireland’s oldest hearing aid dispenser outlets.

Established in Dublin in 1972 (as Capel Street Hearing Aid Centre), it is a family-run practice which is respected and trusted for giving honest and practical advice to people who are concerned about their hearing. We provide multiple solutions for people concerned about both hearing loss and hearing protection

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Hearing Healthcare is an independent professional practice, which means it is not owned or controlled by a parent company or manufacturer.  This allows us to offer a wider range of hi-tech impartial solutions from the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers such as Siemens, Phonak, Oticon, Puretone, GNResound, Rexton, Hansaton, Audina, at affordable and value for money prices.

We are one of the leading suppliers of State-of the-art hearing aid technology in Dublin and Ireland. We can offer a range of small / cosmetic / high-tech / design solutions to cater for individual needs.

We are members of I.S.H.A.A., B.S.H.A.A., and I.S.A.

Since 1996 we have also been the leading supplier of “on-site” Audiometric Hearing / Screening Tests for both Dublin and all around Ireland as part of our  TOTAL HEARING CONSERVATION  service for the Control of Noise At Work. As part of that service we are also available to conduct Noise Assessment Surveys. Hearing Healthcare is also the agent for the world-class ELACIN range of custom-made filtered noise-reducing ear-moulds.
We are located on the street level (ground floor) of Capel Street, Dublin 1, and are wheelchair accessible.

Our Clinic opening hours are:

Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm,
Saturdays by Appointment only

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We accept all major credit cards at our shop / over the phone.