Turn Your ER Moulds into In-Ear Monitors instantly!

ER musician plugs can also be combined with the ER Earphones monitors.

If you already own a pair of ELACIN ER Noise Plugs and also want to try in-ear monitors? Then look no further than the ELACIN ER Earphones!

Ideal if you want both hi-fidelity noise protection from concerts, etc and to hear your favourite music on your MP3 player.

The ER Musician’s custom-moulds ensure excellent protection against noise that is too loud and, when you replace the filter with an ER Earphone, it turns into a high quality in-ear monitor system with the benefits of custom made earpieces. This combo solution is
also ideal for musicians, bands, sound engineers, and DJs who use one noise plug and one in-ear monitor at a time.

(Please note: ELACIN ER Earphone in-ear monitors require a pair of ELACIN ER Noise Plugs to use  - special bundle price available.)

Hearing Healthcare are agents for Puretone and Elacin.

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