In-Ear Monitors are devices used by performers to hear a mix of microphones and/or instruments that are on stage in a live performance. They also serve an important purpose of providing a high level of noise reduction from stage noise levels.

Traditionally the monitor system was a loudspeaker placed on the stage directed towards the performers, outputting a mix of audio signals so they can hear an overall sound of what they are performing.

However, this does create a few problems. Having stage monitors increases the level of on-stage noise, which can cause hearing problems. Also, each musician only hears an overall representation of what is being played, as it is not possible to raise the level of just one instrument in the monitor without affecting the other performers.

The Solution To This Is In-Ear Monitors (IEMs).

Using IEMs, the sound engineer can combine signals from multiple sources and mix them individually for each performer before sending that mix to the individual performer. This makes it possible for the instrument being played to be higher in the mix without affecting the overall sound being heard by the other performers.

A typical IEM system is usually wireless and contains three major components: the transmitter, the receiver and the monitors themselves.

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