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Hearing Conservation Programmes


The aim of an occupational "Hearing Conservation Programme" is to prevent loss of hearing for all workers exposed to noise. The cost of such a program is small compared to the cost of claims that may have to be paid for occupational hearing loss. The 3 main areas of a hearing conservation programme are as follows:

1. Noise Assessment

2. Hearing Protection

3. Audiometric Screening

 1. Workplace Noise Assessment

In order to identify noise levels which employees may be exposed to, a Noise Survey needs to be carried out. This will assess not only the noise levels, but also the length of time individuals are exposed and establish what action must be taken. Such action includes an obligation to reduce noise emissions as much as is reasonably practicable. Hearing Healthcare can arrange to have a noise survey done at any time that is suitable to you.

 2. Hearing Protection

Once a noise assessment has been carried out, those employees identified as being exposed to high noise levels should have their hearing evaluated. Proper hearing protection should be provided where appropriate, warning signs should be posted, and educate / train all concerned. Hearing Healthcare supplies and highly recommends the use of individually moulded hearing protection which have the following benefits:

Moulded Ear Plugs - Click here for further information


  • Individually moulded to fit each person’s ears providing maximum comfort
  • Range of Special Filters to allow speech to be heard in moderate noise levels
  • Hygienic, washable, durable, non-allergenic high grade soft silicone material giving superior performance
  • Excellent protection from high noise levels
  • More cost-effective than disposable plugs
  • Can also be worn underneath ear muffs, helmets or glasses
  • Choice of High Visibility colours available
  • Fitting and Training included

 3. Audiometric Screening (Hearing Tests):

    Pre-employment, Baseline & Repeat Audiometric Testing

Each test includes an otoscopic examination of the outer ears, a brief history relative to hearing, and a pure-tone audiometric hearing test. The results are then classified and categorised. A summary list of the test results is then sent to the company for further processing. One copy of the individual reports (audiograms) can be sent to the company doctor when requested.

Hearing Healthcare will provide a fully qualified and trained professional to test and examine the hearing of each employee. All testing is carried out using the highest standard equipment, in our Mobile Testing Unit. The unit is positioned “on-site” for the duration of the testing. All shift patterns can be catered for and the complete examination time is approximately 10 – 12 minutes (max) per person. The unit is fully fitted with an audiometric testing booth and state-of-the-art testing equipment.

Industry Standard Audiometric Testing
Hearing Healthcare Ireland has provided a comprehensive and professional service to some of the most well known and respected companies throughout Ireland for the last 15 years.
Some of the industries we have dealt with include:
Construction; Engineering & Steelworks; Medical; Textiles; Newspaper & Printing; Mining; Plastics; Food & Drinks; Chemical; Shipping; Airline & Cargo; Fishing; Timber; Music & Entertainment; Telecom; Policing/Security; Farming & Agriculture; Financial.
Please see our FAQ's for further info on Audiometry, including regularity of testing.
"Be Safe. Be Screened."