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Professional Profiles

Paul Hussey    F.S.H.A.A., F.I.S.H.A.A., M.I.S.A.


Paul is our senior Hearing Aid Audiologist and has been in the hearing healthcare profession for nearly 30 years.  He trained in micro-electronics and was one of the first people to assemble and manufacture in-the-ear hearing aids in Ireland.  He is the senior advisor to all aspects of the business and has vast experience in testing, ear-impression taking, prescription and fitting of hearing aids, rehabilitation and counselling, custom hearing protection solutions, and offering advice about hearing concerns.



John is our primary Audiometric Officer and is responsible for the Occupational Hearing Testing Programmes for our client companies. He has been involved in the hearing healthcare industry professionally since 2002, and assists companies in the smooth running of “on-site” Audiometric testing.  John is in charge of our state-of-the-art Mobile Testing Unit which can cater for all work-shift patterns on-site with the minimum of downtime.


Peter Brady    Dip S.H.W.W., C.M.I.O.S.H.

Peter is our general Health & Safety Advisor in the area of Noise At  Work. He  also specialises in workplace noise assessment & custom-moulded hearing protection. He works with our client companies to develop a Total Hearing Conservation Programme to suit their needs.  Peter has previously had extensive health & safety experience in training and consultancy with An Garda Síochána & Comhairle Fó Thuinn (The Irish Underwater Council).


Gemma Talbot

Gemma is our resident Receptionist, Secretary, and Administrator for the endless multitude of tasks necessary for the smooth day-to-day running of the business.  If you wish to schedule an appointment, please call Gemma at our Dublin office and she will look after you.