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Custom-moulded Ear Plugs

"Less Noise. More Protection."
"Less Noise. More Protection."
Please see below for a list of our current range of custom-moulded hearing protection (Hearing Test available). Click here for Video.
"Clearsound" Custom-moulded Ear Plug


Custom soft silicone ear plug for all environments with patented filters allowing increased speech perception in noisy environments.

Ideal for: Working Environment

"Complex Flexcomfort" Custom-moulded Ear Plug

Compact Flexcomfort

Custom made soft silicone filtered protection giving an ideal combination of maximum comfort and the best possible protection against noise.

Ideal for: working environment and leisure pursuits, e.g. shooting

"ER" Custom-moulded Ear Plug

ER Custom Range

Custom soft silicone earplug with flat attenuation for anyone who wants to maintain hi-fidelity and/or speech. Filters: 25dB, 15dB, 9dB.

Ideal for: working in music environments - musicians, sound engineers, DJs

"Swimmer's" Custom-moulded Ear Plug

Swim Moulds

Individually moulded soft silicone personal swim moulds to help keep water out of the ears and protecting against otitis.

Ideal for: swimmers, surfers, kayakers, children

"Biopact" Custom-moulded Ear Plug


Low-profile soft silicone custom ear plug ideal for wearing under helmets.

Ideal for: motor sports, bikers, traffic police

"Sleep-fit" Custom-moulded Ear Plug


Custom soft silicone comfortable hearing protection for anyone wanting to sleep uninterrupted by noise.

Ideal for: night workers, students, travellers, noisy neighbourhoods

"ER-20" Custom-moulded Ear Plug

ER20 Standard

Hi-fidelity, flat attenuation in a standard earplug also allowing maximum speech perception. 

Ideal for: musicians, concert goers, clubbers


ProtectHear Ear Plugs for Motorsports

ProtectHear inserts are custom moulded soft silicone earpieces, individually crafted under the strictest conditions from an exact impression of the user's ears. Each pair is manufactured using specially formulated medical grade silicone, to offer the highest degree to comfort whilst providing a highly effective acoustic barrier. Available in yellow,  flesh, blue and transparent colours. CE marked & tested to EN 352-2: 1993

ProFlex Filtered Passive Earplugs

ProFlex Passive Earplugs combine the ProFlex multi-softness earpiece with a filtered passive module to provide cost‐effective hearing protection with ambient awareness.


  • Made to fit your ears perfectly, this provides unbeatable comfort
  • Laser marked customisation (earpiece standard, passive module is an optional extra)
  • Upgradable to CENS® ProFlex digital by purchasing an electronic module
  • Available in hundreds of colour combinations
Click on the video below to find out more about the manufacturing process of our custom-moulded ear plugs

"Less Noise. More Protection."
"Less Noise. More Protection."